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You must use FTP when you want to publish your website on your webspace. There are many FTP clients (programs) to choose from, but commonly all must be configured to use the FTP details such as host name, user name and password. You will find the correct FTP details on the control panel.

This guide helps you to connect to your webspace with FileZilla as FTP client. You can download FileZilla here (FileZilla Client) for free.

  1. In the top menu choose File, and then Site Manager and the button New Site.
  2. In the dialog box you should enter the name og description for your connections on the left side.
  3. In host you enter your domain name (fx, without www).
  4. From Logon Type you choose Normal, User is the domain name (fx, without www).
  5. In Password enter the FTP password that you have received by mail.
  6. Now press the tab Transfer Settings and choose Passive, and enable Limit number of simultaneous connections and enter 2.
  7. Click OK, and you can now through Filezilla and Site Manager easily connect to your website.
  8. Click Connect, and when logged on the FTP site you can start transferring your files. You must place the files in the folder called /public_html. The file default.html, that already exists on the folder, is a standard file with Cliche logo. You should delete this file.

If you try to log on with too many connections or wrong FTP details you will run the risk of blocking your IP address. This blocking is removed automatically after 60 minutes. Close your FTP client and wait 60 minutes before trying again.

If you've lost your FTP password, you can reset this from the control panel. Also read the guide regarding resetting passwords.

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