Terms of Business.

The terms of business stated on this page, apply to any agreement with Cliche, which the customer enters into. By entering into the agreement, the customer accepts that all the terms must be observed.


All material found on Cliche's servers, must observe existing copyright laws and must not invade the rights of a third party, whether it is pictures, text, video, music, or any other files. The customer has the responsibility for abiding by this. You are note allowed to store illegal, erotic, pornographic, racist, controversial or otherwise offensive material on Cliche servers.

Customers are not permitted to have file archives for download, defined as files which are not viewable directly on the website, e.g. programs, video files, and zip archives. Streaming of sound and picture is not permitted either. A special permission can however in many case be granted by Cliche, if the files are relevant for the customer's work.

Furthermore, it is not permitted to use the FTP access to the web space as a backup solution, by uploading material not intended for view on the website.

Abuse of resources, e.g. CPU and RAM, must be avoided, and if Cliche is of the opinion that resources are being abused, this must be resolved by the customer within a reasonable time. In such a situation, Cliche will determine whether or not it is justifiable to keep the service running without troubling other customers on the same server.

Usage of Cliche services for bulk/mass mailing, either through the web server or mail server, is neither permitted or included in Cliche services - special agreement may be obtained from Cliche, if for instance newsletters relevant to the client's business.

The customer must ensure that the website is sufficiently updated at all times, so that abuse by spam robots and the like is avoided in guest books, message boards etc.. In case the rules above are not observed, Cliche can shut down services at any time. Cliche cannot be held responsible for breaches of the rules stated above. Any limitations intend to maintain high uptime and fast access to our services.

Change of Agreement

A change of services to a more expensive product will only cost the difference in cost between the previous agreement and the new agreement for the rest of the period. When changing to a cheaper service, the money paid for a period that has already begun, will not be refunded. Change of services does not cost a fee. Cliche reserves the right, at any time, to alter the terms of business and change the prices of products, without any warning in advance. All price changes will apply to the customer from the next payment period on.


Cliche does not take responsibility for loss of data on the customer's website or email account. The customer should keep a local backup of the website and database regularly. The customer is responsible for keeping us informed with any changes in contact data at all times. Cliche regularly updates the software on our servers, and the customer has the responsibility for making sure that the programming on the website is compatible with new software updates. The customer is always responsible to comply with the conditions for registration of domain names, including legal matters.


Traffic is free at Cliche, so-called 'fair use, i.e. that the free traffic is not being abused, or that the traffic is straining our servers unnecessarily and troubling other customers. Cliche maintains the right to temporarily shut down a website to test the resource use. In these cases Cliche will determine whether or not it is justifiable to keep the service running without troubling other customers. The customer will be contacted in order to find a durable solution that will not cause problems for the operation in the future.

Terms of Payment

All prices are listed incl. VAT. All agreements are paid in advance, however some domain are paid 2 years in advance. An order falls due 14 days after receipt, or as fast as possible. Cliche maintains the right to shut down the service of any customer in case of non-payment of renewal. After the payment of an order is balanced, an invoice will be written out to the customer.

Cancellation of Services

The customer can cancel an existing service agreement at any time, provided that it is done in writing). Erroneous orders can cancelled within 14 days after placing the order. However, Cliche is under no obligation to refund any money paid, if more than 14 days have passed since payment. Cliche can cancel an agreement with one month's notice, provided that it is done in writing(email). Any remaining prepaid payment will be refunded. In case of breach of the terms of business Cliche can cancel the agreement without notice. In such cases Cliche is under no obligation to refund any prepaid payment.

Domain policies

Domains registered with Cliche Hosting is subject to specific rules from the registry. As a registrant it is your responsibility to be familiar with the relevant rules and policies for the domain name you register. This applies among other
- DK Hostmasters generelle vilkår (dk)
- OpenSRS/Tucows Registration Agreement (com, net, org, info, biz, name, de, co.uk, tv, ws)
- EURid Registration Terms and Conditions (eu)
- Registreringsvilkårene fra Stiftelsen for Internetinfrastruktur. (se)
- Registreringsvilkårene fra Stiftelsen for Internetinfrastruktur. (nu)
- Norid Regelverk / Domain name policy (no)
- Denic Domainbedingungen (de)
- ICANN Registrants Rights and Responsibilities

Person Data

Cliche registers the person/company data of the customer when an order is placed. Cliche treats these data in accordance with the existing law of personal data. Personal data will be treated confidentially when registering domains. Data will not be passed on the a third party, unless it happens according to an investigation into a violation of the law, in which case data will be passed on to the relevant authorities. The customer is responsible for keeping Cliche updated with personal data such as contact information at all times.


Any disagreement related to the terms of business or the agreement between the customer and Cliche Hosting Ltd. must be settled according to the Danish laws with the court in Køge as venue. This is a translation of the original terms of business from our Danish site. Any legal differences between this translation and the Danish original is not intended, and in any dispute where a court is involved, the Danish original version must be used.